Our vision is to transform the way data work for people

We are a team of young geeks (and some not as young), with extensive experience in the Business Intelligence market. We work remotely in different countries of the world and in the Madrid office (the first of many). Our main asset is the people that make up LLodi Tech, their talent, creativity, initiative and social commitment, make us different.

In 2017, after more than two years of hard work in research, development and implementation of the first pilots with end customers, to whom we are very grateful for their trust and active participation in the continuous improvement of the service, we launched LLodi Platform.

With the LLodi platform, companies can display and connect the analysis of their data, processes and business applications in a single interface, boosting their employees’ productivity and letting them do what they do best.

In the digital era, where data and technologies are constantly growing, our mission is to enable organizations around the world to create new solutions in hours, no coding required, to offer a unique user experience that adapts to the way they work, foster the discovery of new opportunities and improve company’s efficiency.