Collaboration, Alerting and Data-Driven Applications

LLodi makes it easy to automate your decisions, be aware of critical changes in your KPIs and create data-driven applications

Data-Driven Applications

Generic dashboards on which you can’t make actions are no longer useful. Create unique Qlik® Sense Apps for each team or user, which allows them to take the next step rapidly in your work. With Qlik® Sense + LLodi you can:
  • Seamlessly combine operational and analytic capabilities
  • Take the most from your prescriptive analytics
  • Allow managed data entry through the BI app interface
  • The most magical: turn decisions into actions directly to your own tools: Salesforce, Marketo, Mailchimp,  Zendesk, Jira…
  • And much more!
It is all within the same app, for you to save time and take advantage of the opportunities.

Scheduled Notifications or Alerting 

Some data is needed on a scheduled basis, and some other instantly in order to take immediate actions. With Qlik® Sense + LLodi you can define:
  • The conditions to trigger the alerts
  • The custom content
  • The recipients and tool to send that info (Email, Slack, Mobile)
  • The most magical: attach a form including a suggested action to implement in that very instant
  • And much more!
Now your data talks, you just have to decide and act.

Automate decisions from Qlik® Script

Every day our teams make more decisions, either strategic or operational, and they all require a previous analysis and are linked to a corresponding action. So most decisions have something in common: they are very frequent and could be automated. With Qlik® Sense + LLodi you will:
  • Automate the process
  • Define the business logic to launch each of the actions
  • Carry out any workflow avoiding manual inputs
  • The most magical: connect the action to almost any business app and update your data.
  • And much more!

Now your users will be able to dedicate their time to what they do best: their job.