Business Intelligence, Qlik Sense & LLodi: LLodi presents and connects your Qlik Sense App and Worflows in a single interface: Dashboard, Web or Business solution, creating a unique user experience, allowing employees to take advantage of new opportunities and improving the company´s efficiency.

FREE Workflow that includes use of our Qlik extension (available for QlikView and Qlik Sense) to register and then analyse how the end BI users find and discover insights, take actions and set their goals.

Qlik’s technology is advancing incredibly fast in order to meet organization’s expectations which, as had never been before, combine data with powerful visualizations to impulse their businesses.

Apart from that, the typical business management tools incorporate modules that allow to develop some phases of the project Analytics, looking to combine in an only place operations and analysis. There can be found clear examples in Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, Marketo or Netsuite.

This attempt is still not enough because it doesn’t explore the multiple possibilites that today’s Qlik’s platform technology is allowing: Big Data, Self Service, Data Integration, Data Management and Governance, API, cloud, etc.

From our point of view and taking more and more into account the necessity to offer the user an environment in which he/she can integrate intelligence and operations, analytic applications the way we know them are in their way to extinction.

The companies require a conversion of their Dashboards into data based applications, in which they can combine data with powerful visualizations and act in real time on those very data. That’s the moment when Llodi comes into play: the first Data Intelligence Integration cloud platform that promotes and automates business processes based on data analysis.

Up until now, integration tools have provided the service to create a unique image of corporate data, to be later exploited with analytical solutions. Now, thanks to LLodi, supported on the powerful integration platform of Scribe Online, the circle is closed performing operations that act directly on the main data origins.

In Qlik’s case, Llodi is integrated through an extension directly integrated in Qlik’s applications or web applications. (Qlik Market)

Llodi allows us to integrate analyzed data or even the very analysis with the original sources, convert processes within the application and transfer and transact in other areas.

How is this reflected in the corporate everyday?

After the analysis, the user combines intelligence with real time execution of an action, creating or modifying the data in management applications.

Good examples for this are sales applications, billing, automation of marketing actions, etc.

The new Analytics era begins.

We recommend you to play the webinar where we explain a practical case of application creation in Qlik Sense with Salesforce integration.

Seeing you soon,

Llodi team.

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Now Qlik and Salesforce can be integrated like never before from your dashboard. LLodi allow users to perform new opportunities, change their status, add notes to accounts or create new tasks.

Sales Representative
Salespeople can now analyze customers and sales data to better pinpoint prospects for cross-sell and up-sell opportunities, promotions, etc. From your Qlik Platform, you will automatically create leads, tasks and opportunities in your Salesforce account.

Sales Manager
Sales managers analyze in their Dashboard the rate of achievement, status of opportunities, possible competitors, etc. and establish the strategy to follow, immediately integrated with their CRM system.

Customer Service
Exploring customer service communications allows you to discover new sales opportunities that will be automatically assigned to the account rep.

Marketing Automation
The analysis of the clients offers the possibility to carry out their segmentation, the identification of our client profiles, to develop marketing campaigns that are more focused on the needs of each client. Data analysis can generate Salesforce automation processes for marketing activities.