What are Smart Workflows?

Smart Workflows are a way to incorporate the write back&forward functionality to your Analytical Solutions

Approve expense request within a context, create marketing tasks, segment clients from their behavior, create support tickets, distribute and share insight.

Creating a Custom Smart Workflow

From building forms to automating your workflows, LLodi handles it all for you.

1. Create Online Form

LLodi is packed with powerful form features to help you collaborate with your team, streamline processes, and make better decisions. From simple textboxes to complex formula fields, our form builder has it all. Build and publish your LLodi forms in just minutes.

2. Workflow Automation. No coding!

LLodi can connect to most webhooks and endpoints of the available cloud services, either using integration and automation tools or directly to the target application. Thanks to that, the circle is closes, performing operations that act directly on data sources.

3. Embed LLodi in Qlik®

LLodi forms that allow you to take action directly from your Qlik app (LLodi Extension) or automated actions (LLodi Connector). Natively embedded in Qlik®, the form interacts seamlessly with the associative power of Qlik®. Using LLodi, line of business workers can work on modern forms to activate their data and drive business process.