Hello everyone.

We shall begin with our first post presenting Llodi, a new cloud service for management and automation of decisions based on analysis.

Up until now the tools for Business Intelligence offered the users an informed decision making, transforming data into knowledge. From now on, thanks to Llodi, the users will also be able to make decisions integrating the data which has been analyzed with their Business Intelligence platforms so that those very decisions can have an immediate impact in their business.

The first version of Llodi offers support for the main leaders of Gartner 2017’s Magic Quadrant: Tableau, Power BI and Qlik Sense. The users of these technologies, needless of changing tools, will be able to turn their BI system into a decision management system.

Among the business management systems Llodi offers support on Salesforce Ventas, Microsoft CRM, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce Marketing, Netsuite, Marketo, Eloqua, SQL Server, MySql, Sap, Oracle, etc.

In the next posts the different characteristics and benefits of Llodi are to be described, the service offered by Llodi is aimed at all types of companies and users that will be able to have their system up and running without typing a single line of code.

Today is a great day for all our team, after more than one and a half years of development of the new service and the settlement of the first clients, we are starting worldwide commercialization.

Seeing you soon,

Llodi team.

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