This summer has been busy for the LLodi Team as we released some new features that we are sure are going to leverage even more the powerful integrations we can help you build for your Qlik apps.

First of all, let’s make a quick review of the new LLodi Platform Architecture so you can master all its elements:

LLodi Writer Extension: Let the end users enter data directly from their Qlik dashboards.
LLodi Writer Connector: Trigger actions from the Qlik Script (Alerts, Notifications, Operational Tasks…).
LLodi Agent (NEW!): Provides a server-side environment to make your requests safer and more powerful including already a bunch of additional features.
LLodi Service (NEW!): Send data your own DataBase from Qlik or store your data payload into files (plain text, csv, json, xml…).

These four elements together give LLodi the ability to connect within Qlik to any REST API and get the most of Business Intelligence where you need it.

Get deeper and discover the features that LLodi offers you:

LLodi Team – Sept 2018

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