LLodi Agent is one of the modules in LLodi, it provides a server-side environment to make your requests, integrates your authentication credentials and offers some built-in services (like SMS, Twitter or email) including a Qlik API Wrapper with some out-of-the-box functionalities.


Maybe the most powerful and exciting functionality is the Trigger function.

It allows end user to trigger Qlik Apps providing values for some variables; you will be able to create or edit a script tab with some values in it and reload that app, triggering the actions defined in the script.


How to do it:


https://<Your agent url>/sense/trigger



Body fields:

  • app_id: The id of the app you want to trigger. This field is required.
  • tab_name (optional): Choose the tab where you want to write the variables. If you don’t provide one, the default name is “Tab Generated by LLodi”. If the tab doesn’t exist it will be created in second position, just after the Main tab.
  • tab_action (optional): This field will define where will be written the variables.
    • overwrite (default): the content replaces the new tab.
    • append: The content is inserted at the end of the tab.
    • prepend: The content is inserted at the beginning of the tab.


Use cases


  1. Use Qlik as your Workflow Integration Tool

We can use a Qlik app as our integration workflow by feeding data and triggering a Qlik script where we can make concatenated or parallel operations disregarding their complexity. Basically, we are replacing most of what integration tools would do and building it in Qlik instead.

  1. Filtered reload

Trigger a filtered reload for the same app we are in or another one. Effectively this could be a simple way to implement the App On Demand feature.


  1. Closed Loop Workflow

Trigger an auxiliary app where different actions that change your data sources can be done and the last step of the workflow is reloading the primary app. This means a real-time closed loop that allows you to work with updated data from your Qlik App.

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