Integrated Workflows. Running as a “digital business” is an objective of many companies. It means digitizing and automating many more processes than a traditional business. That requires automation that can execute a process that is multi-step and multi-system in most cases. It’s exactly the kind of solution highlighted recently in a webinar Scribe produced on BiyCloud’s LLodi solution (watch it here). First of all, let’s be clear, LLodi is a breakthrough in analytics. It allows analysts to initiate actions from within interactive dashboards from Qlik, Tableau, and Microsoft Power BI. Imagine using an interactive dashboard to explore your data set, having an “aha moment” that a product is highly price sensitive and then launching a new price promotion in a specific region – simply by clicking a button and entering a few parameters from that very same dashboard. All the system coordination required to make it happen then happens automatically, including the creation of the campaign in your Salesforce CRM or the assigning of tasks to specific sales reps. LLodi brings “interactive analytics” to a new level, allowing analysts to drive change as soon as they reach their conclusions. (Read the BiyCloud case study).

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