Business changes every day, but there are some answers we need to resolve daily. ¿Do I have some pending Issues? ¿There’s any transaction waiting for my approval?

Streamline your day with Qlik and LLodi, let the information come automatically to your preferred Slack channel, set data alerts and invest your time in what really requires your attention.

In this post, we are going to show you how to achieve that, in an easy and quick way.

Sales Channel in Slack

We are going to use our LLodi Writer Connector that allows you to do actions directly from your Qlik Script anytime the app is reloaded, we can leverage the Qlik logic to make our automatic messages smarter and get the information we need when we need it.

We already show you how to Use Slack as your Qlik Alert Center in a previous video, but today we introduce to you our new feature “Direct Payload”. Enabling Direct Payload sends your Qlik Script as it is, so you can add format, indentations and spaces that won’t be trimmed.

Weekly report Script

We can schedule a weekly report in our sales channel, we get the values directly from our data model and we can even modify our message to the team depending on the results so far. We are going to use only Qlik language therefore you can get the most of Qlik Associative engine and logic capabilities.

Let’s take a look at the Script:


FROM Slack

WITH GUID xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxx


“username”:”LLodi Sales Assistant”,



“text”:”Hey Team! Find your Weekly Report. For more info: <|Sales Dashboard>. $(WeeklyMessage)”,


{“fallback”:”Weeklyreport fallback”,




“value”:”*Outbound Mails:* $(CurrentWeekMail), *Previous:* $(PreMail), *Increment:* $(IncrementMail)%”,


{“value”:”*New Prospects:* $(CurrentWeekProspects)C, *Previous:* $(PreProspects), *Increment:* $(IncrementProspects)%”,



{“fallback”:”WeeklyReport fallback”,



“title”:”Katy Liss:”,

“value”:”*Outbound Mails:* &(NoMail), *Previous:* $(AggrMail), *Increment:* $(IndividualIncrementMail)%”,


{“value”:”*New Prospects:* $(NoProspects), *Previous:* $(AggrProspects), *Increment:* $(IndicidualIncrementProspect)%”,


WITH CONFIG (directpayload “true”);

You can copy this snippet in your script and begin to use it today as a reporting solution. If you don´t have LLodi yet you can create a Free Account and begin your journey!

We are combining the Direct Payload feature with the formatting options from Slack to add more context to our message, making it more useful and effective. We built the structure of our report and then the connector fills it with updated data directly just before sending it to Slack.

Take your team to the next level and become a Data-Driven company, providing them with the answers they need before they have to ask the question. Automate your reports with Qlik and LLodi Writer connector, working smarter and saving time (and money) in the process.


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