Being able to reach the right audience with digital marketing is basic to get customer engagement with your brand online. In marketing, less is more. The fewer messages each user receives, the more powerful it will become. Make each message count and learn how to get the most out of your marketing campaigns by targeting the right audience.

Use Qlik analytics abilities to segment smartly your contacts in Mailchimp. We can get data from different sources in Qlik to improve our knowledge about our contacts and blend data to reach insights that make the difference.

Create a dashboard and explore without limits using Qlik Associative engine, segment your contacts and organize them into a list in MailChimp.


We will use Qlik, LLodi & Mailchimp. If you use an integration tool like Zapier or Workato, you can also use it but is not required.

You must have LLodi Writer Extension installed in your Qlik Sense and LLodi Agent enabled in your server. See LLodi Architecture.

The extension provides the user with an interface to enter data directly from the dashboard, selecting the target contacts and choosing the list where they will be included.

LLodi Agent will solve the CORS problem request due to MailChimp does not support client-side implementation of their API using CORS requests due to the potential security risk of exposing account API keys.  LLodi Agent provides a server-side environment to make your requests safer and more powerful.

Checking the MailChimp API Documentation we can set up authentication and know the URL and parameters of our action, in this case “add a new list member”.



Following the documentation instructions, we will create our LLodi Form with the fields we want to use. We are using only the required fields: list_id, email_address and status. The id of our list is a path parameter, so we can use Dynamic Request fields to create dynamic URL in our forms.



Integrate Qlik in your marketing workflows using LLodi, gives you a lot of possible actions, such as:

  • Send personalized emails.
  • Create new campaigns.
  • Add contact to automation.
  • Send marketing campaigns from Qlik.
  • And much more!