Do you use Qlik to analyse your user satisfaction and assure quality in Customer Service? Do you use Zendesk to manage your customer tickets?

In that case continue reading to know how to smoothly connect Qlik with your Zendesk support tool and create tickets easily from Qlik.

We will use Qlik, LLodi & Zendesk. If you use an integration tool like Zapier or Workato, you can also use it but is not required.

The extension provides the user with an interface to enter data directly from the dashboard, flow from discovery to action in a seamless gesture.

Checking the Zendesk API Documentation we can set up authentication and know the URL and parameters of our action, in this case “create ticket”.

Following the documentation instructions, we will create our LLodi Form with the fields we want to use. We are using only the required fields: subject, priority and body.

Integrate Qlik in your customer service workflows using LLodi, gives you a lot of possible actions, such as:

  • Create and edit tickets
  • Automate responses directly from the analysis
  • Creates a CSAT rating for a solved ticket
  • SLA prioritization
  • Keep sales and support in-sync
  • Integrate your support apps with your development tools
  • Predictive support system and automatically creates support tickets
  • And much more!