LLodi allows Qlik’s users to directly send their insights to their favorite business apps

Put your decision-making and your action-taking literally on the same page

LLodi interacts with your Analytics directly, wether it is embedded in a Dashboard, Web or Business solution, creating a unique user experience and allowing employees to take advantage of new opportunities to improve the company’s efficiency.

LLodi is cloud-based and inherits the security of your Qlik® Analytics Platform, ready to be used in mobile devices. No need to redo or replicate your security model. Use self-service capabilities, and make changes to the database directly.

Embed Intelligence into your Workflows, allowing your team to use data to trigger actions

With LLodi Extension, you can immediately connect to your business data and take action intelligently with custom forms for the many different users in your organization, so they can quickly change and update their data easily.

Big decisions can wait, actions can’t. Use LLodi whenever you need from wherever you are.

LLodi stores a group of data that describes each one of the processed actions and, thanks to our open API, you will be able to analyze the operations that generated a greater impact and best results any time.

Automate analytics-based action making so your organization can function more efficiently

Currently, as the volume of data increases, it is often not possible to perform analytics and take actions manually, so analytic actions need to become more automated with the LLodi connector for Qlik®.

LLodi Connector automates and centralizes in Qlik® Sense all the operational decisions based on the analysis, relieving the manual workload of users, improving the response time and efficiency of the company.

Big Data, IOT analysis and the incorporation of predictive models create new possibilities with Qlik® Sense’s data analysis platform, which in combination with LLodi, offers customers a complete end-to-end solution, moving from data to action in a single environment.

The apps you use every day are already in LLodi, get your work done smarter

LLodi connects to integration tools called “Citizen Developer” like Zapier, Stamplay or IFTTT, the most customizable way to build and automate workflows with almost any business app.

Anyone Can Build Workflows With A Few Clicks. Automate with Clicks not Code.

How to connect LLodi with Zapier.

For programming users LLodi also allows the integration with other apps thanks to Webhooks.